- VARDHMAN CITY PROMOTERS PVT LTD. is the name given to the organization built upon the pillars of strength as guided by Sh. Jai Bhagwan Jain.  Sh Jai Bhagwan Jain is a man of great strength and foresight, 25 years back he dreamt of building an organization to help others build their dream homes.

 - The main goal of the company then was to provide expert advice to Investors and buyers in the real-estate industry. Under the supervision of Sh Jai Bhagwan Jain the business was achieving new milestones. Soon, the name VARDHMAN CITY PROMOTERS PVT LTD.  was enlisted in the top real-estate consultancies in the business.

 - At VARDHMAN CITY PROMOTERS PVT LTD., we believe that the customer is everything and our primary aim is to ensure that customer gets what he wants. We stand beside the customer to guide him throughout the process. Our team of experts scrutinizes the deal from every aspect and we leave no stone unturned.

 - Truth is a fruit which tastes bitter however it is much better than the sweet lie. We may seem blunt; however we don’t hesitate to bring about the shortcomings of a deal. Even if the customer is keen to get a deal, we strive to unveil the hidden facts which may affect the closure of the deal.

 - Openness between the parties in contract not only ensures a clear deal, it lays the foundations of a strong long-term relationship. Everything we do is as per the written contract mutually signed by the company and the INVESTORS. Our repeated customers and market repo inspires us to work even harder. Our agents try to create a friendly yet, professional environment where trust can be built between the parties.

 - At VARDHMAN CITY PROMOTERS PVT LTD.  we believe in “Quality of Service”. Our projects show notable features which are appreciated by all. Many of our customers and their neighbors had been under the impression that the projects we built were for personal use. It had been hard for people to digest the fact that such quality can be delivered by builders. Our endeavor has and will always be your satisfaction at any cost and strengthening the bond of trust we share.

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